Watch On Roku

Watch On Roku

3 min setup

  • Go to your Roku and add a new channel, Select “Web Video Caster” the list, You should see this channel in the recommended section if you don’t then search for it & Install it.
  • Install “Web Video Caster” on your iPhone/Android phone & open it.
  • Tap on the CAST icon in the top right corner and select check ROKU option in the device list & click on Done button. It will force your phone to look for Roku device in your network. This step is very important otherwise your Roku device wont show up.

Now open your Web Video Caster app on your mobile and select IPTV option in the left sidebar menu.

Click on the + (PLUS) icon on the top right corner and enter your Playlist URL & Playlist Name.

You can also create your own playlist url using following format:



Click save and now click on the newly added nflhdtv playlist. it will take few seconds to sync with our servers. You will now see two categories Live Channels & Live Games. select any of your proffered option. I will select Live channels for the sake of this tutorial.

Select Any channel and click on the dot button to show more options.

Click on the Play as live stream option and select Roku in the option list.

Now the stream will start playing. Its a one time process and next time you just need to open the web video caster app on your phone and select any channel and it will automatically start playing on your Roku device.

If you have any question or problem please get in touch with the live chat support or email us at [email protected]

One of our agents will get back to you in shortly.